Note to Self: Stop Holding Yourself Back

82b561d75f2d3404dd8966a9f9085977Photo: Pinterest

So many times the way we see ourselves is completely different from the way others see us. We tend to be way too critical on ourselves, and as a result, we end up holding ourselves back. There are so many people just waiting to say something negative about you, the least you can do is say positive things about yourself. Just this past weekend I did makeup for 3 of my beautiful family members, they loved the effect of the makeup, but they still didn’t consider themselves beautiful (even though they looked stunning to everyone else). As women, we tend to brush off compliments or downplay achievements because we don’t want others to think that we’re prideful, the problem is, we do this at the expense of our own confidence. As a Christian woman, I have learned to accept compliments, because I am God’s creation and if someone else sees beauty in me – it means that they see the beauty in God’s work. My confidence comes from who I am in Christ and knowing that He loves me flaws and all. So next time you feel like wearing that bold red dress, go ahead and do it. It doesn’t matter what other people think about you, what matters is what God knows about you and He still loves you, so go ahead and love yourself.  xoxo



Note to Self: Be Yourself


I saw this image PINTEREST and it immediately jumped out at me.

Often times in life we copy and imitate what we see others do without thinking about if it’s really what we want to be or even should be doing. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how the people you look up to became who they are? It definitely wasn’t by being an echo of someone else’s thoughts, ideas and dreams.

The happiest people are those who are not afraid to take risks, look stupid and even fail – as long as they stay true to themselves.

It’s all up to you. Are you a voice or an echo?