Winter Wishlist: Sneakers

I’ve always been a “high-heel” kinda girl, untill about a year or so ago, when my husband bought me the prettiest pair of blush; floral Nike Airmax. Don’t get me wrong, heels are still my preference, but I’ve slowly been adding to my budding sneaker collection and finding that I just can’t seem to resist a pretty pair of kicks.

So I’ve compiled a top 5 list of the one’s I’ll be looking to purchase this winter. Mind you, I am by no means a sneaker expert and I know there are those out there whose sneaker game is super strong; but honestly, I just like them because they’re cute. I have absolutely no interest in what “make” they are, or which version, or how expensive or not they are ( Don’t judge me sneakerheads!)

So here they are:






  • All pictures from Pinterest.



Winter Wishlist: Jackets


So it’s almost winter again. Usually I’m a summer kind of girl, but this year I just can’t wait for winter. I’m not sure if it’s because I miss the rain or because of all the gorgeous winter jackets out there. These are my top 5:

  1. A fitted Parka
  2. A satin Bomber jacket
  3. A padded jacket
  4. A super comfy Track top
  5. A Wrap coat / blazer



There’s absolutely nothing a nude heel can’t fix 🙂


Xmas wishlist: hint hint!

Every year you get cute little presents that you appreciate, but probably wouldn’t have picked out yourself. So you end up with things that you use/wear once and it’s such a waste. Why not come up with your own personal wishlist of things that you actually really want and your loved ones can pick an item off the list to get you for Christmas. That way you’re still surprised but you’re guaranteed to get something you really want. So in the spirit of Christmas here’s my first wishlist item. You never know maybe my husband will read this post 🎁🎁💖