Bargain Buys: Nail Polish

IMG_20170508_074407.jpgIt’s been a while since I’ve done a “Bargain Buys” post, but after picking up these two beauties, I just couldn’t resist. Now I know that soft, pastel shades are usually reserved for Spring – but I am going through a “Winter – Whites” phase (don’t judge me!)

CHIC Long Lasting Nail Colour – Pick n’Pay: R65 each                                                                   No.31 – White Flag                              No.255 – My Secret

At this price, you’ll be able to pick out a colour for every day of the week.

You’re welcome xoxo


Bargain Buys

The best part about doing your shopping after Christmas and not before – everything’s on sale! Got both pairs for R300!


Black & white ankle strap heels:
White & clear pointed heels: